Squadron Overview

As a Cadet, you will also be expected to put your name down for services, such as working at the local fireworks display, or participate in wing or regional activities, such as shooting competitions, athletics and other sporting events including football and swimming. During your First Class training, you will learn Aircraft Operations and Airmanship which include learning the layout of an airfield, and certain aircraft instruments and controls. You will also learn about the history of flight, and the history of the ATC.

Our Squadron is based in a small compound located next to the sea cadets (HMS Battleaxe). Our Squadron has a Kitchen which has hot and cold water facilities. It also has a fridge and a kettle. The Squadron also has 3 toilets, one for the boys, one for the girls and one disabled toilet. We have a stores room which holds the uniform and badges for the squadron. This is where the new cadets would get given their uniform. We also have two classrooms named "Classroom 1" and "Classroom 2". We have a central parade hall which is where First parade and Final Parade takes place. Moreover, depending on the squadron turn out, the central Parade hall is also a room for First Class teaching. Furthermore, we have two other rooms. They are called the "Office" and the "Ops" room. The Office houses the Admins, OC and the CIs of the squadron. The Ops room houses the NCOs of the squadron.

Short Glossary:

OC - Officer Commanding.

CI - Civilian Instructor.

NCO - Non Commissioned Officer.