The Air Cadet Organization

The Air Cadet Organization is thriving! Each year over 60,000 cadets, volunteer staff and civilian committee members help engage in pursuits and rewarding opportunities such as championing good causes in the local communities, pursuing sporting events at a national level, overseas camps, alpine skiing, flying, adventure training and much more.

With almost 41,000 members aged from 13 to 20 years within over 1,000 Squadrons the ATC is one of the country's premier youth organizations and the world's largest youth air training organisation. The Cadets are supported by a volunteer staff of nearly 10,000 plus some 5,000 volunteer Civilian Committee Members.

2392 (Thornbury) Squadron is part of Bristol and Gloucestershire Wing in the South-West Region of the ATC. We meet on a Monday and Thursday nights from 7:00pm until 9:30pm. The Squadron headquarters is positioned adjacent to the sports field behind the Castle School Gloucester Road site.

Some of our core activities include shooting, flying, gliding and First Aid. Shooting is done at the squadron, but we share a range at another squadron a short drive away. First Aid is required for your First Class training, namely the HeartStart course. Flying and gliding are excellent opportunities, a real experience, and are always worth putting your name down for.

If you're thinking of joining the Air Cadets you'll be more than welcome and we'll help you all the way through your Air Training Corps life. You'll make new friends, learn and do lots of cool stuff such as flying, shooting, camps, orienteering, first aid not mention the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, sports and much much more.

So, what do you need to know? Firstly you must between 13 years and 17 years old to join although you can remain a member until you are 20. After an introductory period of three months you'll be enrolled as a junior cadet and within six months you should have gained enough knowledge and done enough activities to become a 1st Class cadet - the first classification within the Air Training Corps.

Here at 2392 Sqn we don't have specific intake times, just come along when you feel ready to join. Just dropus an email or give us a call.

The first time you come and meet with us will be an introduction and briefing about the squadron including a little bit about the wider ATC, you are more than welcome to bring along a parent or two - there's a few bits and pieces we have to tell them too!

We hope that after reading this you're feeling ready to come and join us! We look forward to meeting you soon.